Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bryson Van Werven

Bryson Van Werven born May 6th at 7:25pm. Weighing 8 pounds 13 ounces and 22 inches long. He was exactly a pound smaller then Kohen. This little guy made a quick entrance into the world. I pushed for 10 minutes and out he came. He is a very content baby. He doesn't spit-un- lick his big brother who would soak a burp clothe-still not sure what to do with all my burp clothes. He is a little gassy and at the moment is going through a growth spurt b/c hes only having 2 or 3 poopy diapers a day. We're working on his sleep/wake cycle but seeing as how he is only awake for about an hour a day, were not making fast progress. We have not had any CIO periods, as of yet. I think hes going to be a pretty good baby. He also already almost weighs 10 pounds and hes not even 2 weeks old. =) Since day one he has been on a schedule and he doing very well with it (eats at 6,9,12,3,6,9)- the only exception is the fact that he going through a growth spurt so he wants to eat longer and a little more often. He will go back to the three hours as soon as it passes. Heres a few pics of the little/big guy!

Kohen meeting Bryson for the first time

Dad and his boys

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  1. So cute! Harper was exactly a pound bigger than Brinkley too! So funny!